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Modi galvanises BJP ahead of Rajasthan polls, says Modi means Guarantee poori hone ki Guarantee

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Prime Minister did exactly what he is good at doing. At a rally in Jaipur which culminated BJP's four Parivartan yatra, the Prime Minister established direct contact with thousands of women present in the rally. The rally, which was completely managed by women, looked colourful and lively.
The crowd reciprocated during the speech of Modi and gave thunderous agreement to his words. Modi giving testimony of his nine-year rule, said that whatever promises were made have been fulfilled.
“Modi ka matlab Guarantee poori hone ki Guarantee,” he announced.

Addressing the half population, Modi said that BJP did what could not do in last 30 years.

asked, “Who brought the women's reservation bill?” To the Modi-Modi chant of the people, PM Modi said, “Your answer is wrong. I did not do anything. Your one vote brought the change.”

Similarly, Modi raised the issue of paper leak and said that the government gave patronage to the paper leak mafia.
“Once BJP forms government in Rajasthan, it will carry out stringent action against paper leak mafia. We can't tolerate anyone playing with the future of youth,” he said.

Invoking Rajasthan's Sanatan heritage, PM Modi said the Ghamandiya alliance will have to pay the price for trying to destroy Sanatan.

“Rajasthan will be teaching a lesson to the Congress and the INDIA alliance not only in this election, but also in every election. They will be uprooted,” he said.

In the last one year Modi has visited Rajasthan nine times. However, he visited Jaipur after a gap of four and half years. Modi's visit will galvanise BJP, which is giving a tough fight to the ruling Congress.
Former of Congress Rahul Gandhi has already said that Congress is in tight position in Rajasthan. Modi's visit will further strengthen the position of Jaipur.

Modi attacked Gehlot government over corruption and said that the BJP on coming to power will uproot corruption from the system.

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