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Noida Authority CEO IAS Lokesh revitalises stuck Bhangel road project

IAS Lokesh M imposed penalties on contractor, made design changes to expedite completion of the stuck Bhangel Elevated road project

IAS Lokesh M, CEO of Noida Authority, has imposed penalties on the responsible contractor and initiated crucial design modifications while revitalising the stalled Bhangel road project. His efforts are likely to bring a big relief to the of Noida who are facing traffic jams and road blocks.

IAS Lokesh, an 2005 batch officer, also ordered design changes to address unforeseen obstacles and expedite construction. This decisive move underscores Lokesh M's unwavering commitment to expeditiously delivering on infrastructure promises made by the state government under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath. He emphasized the importance of completing on time and within budget, holding officials accountable for any lapses.

IAS Lokesh M addresses delays and hurdles

The Bhangel Elevated Road project has been plagued by delays, causing inconvenience to residents and businesses in the area. CEO expressed his displeasure with the contractor's slow progress and the State Bridge Corporation's failure to address previously identified shortcomings. He has imposed financial penalties on the contractor to incentivize faster completion.

IAS Lokesh bats for design modification for progress

To overcome a new obstacle – a multi-storey building obstructing the planned route – Lokesh has approved design changes. While the authority initially preferred not to alter the design, they opted for a pragmatic solution to avoid further delays. Discussions are underway to demolish a portion of the building if necessary.

Impact on local businesses

The stalled project has adversely affected shopkeepers in Bhangel, Salarpur, and Baraula, who have incurred financial losses due to disrupted traffic flow and limited access. Dr. Lokesh M. acknowledged their plight and expressed his commitment to expediting construction to alleviate their hardship.

Project Completion Timeline

While the exact timeline for completion remains uncertain, estimates suggest that the project will require at least another year after construction resumes. CEO's proactive approach and emphasis on accountability raise hopes for a swifter resolution and much-needed relief for residents and businesses alike.

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