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Party that loses less will rule Rajasthan!

In the situation looks sticky and tricky. Voters were in confusion during casting their votes. Psephologists are in greater confusion while exit poll. There are more than 10 agencies coming out with exit poll results. All have different figures. However, majority are giving mandate to BJP in Rajasthan.

“The situation is tight. In this , the government will be formed by party which will lose less seats as comparison to the other party. the competition is neck and neck with little margin of error,” said Rameshwar Singh, a analyst.

The political parties are also beating the bushes. Both are unaware of results. A spike in voting percentage has just raise the tension of parties.
“No one knows why voting percentage has increased. is consoling by saying that people specially and government employees voted in favour of old pension scheme and other public friendly schemes. BJP argues that rise in voting is manifestation of anger against Congress government. Women voted for safety and security under BJP regime. Hindus voted in large number to counter appeasement of Muslims,” opined Narayan Dutt Mathur, another poll analyst.

Among casteist voting, BJP and Congress have their own claims. BJP says that Gurjars and Meena have voted enmass in favour of saffron party.
Gurjars are angry with Congress as the party didn't give value it Sachin Pilot. Kirori Lal Meena consolidated Meena votes in favour of BJP. This will give a cutting edge to saffron party on 39 seats where both the communities have influence.

Congress says that Sachin Pilot called upon Gurjars to vote in favour of Congress and the community will follow suit. Voters cutting across caste lines will vote for welfare schemes launched by the Gehlot government.

The BJP, which started the election campaign with a clear edge ended up messing up the lead. Gehlot steadily bridged the gap with clean and clear campaigning focused on welfare schemes.

Now the party which loses less will rule the state.

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