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Raghu Sharma praises Gehlot schemes, says Government can be repeated if Congress fights united with divided BJP

By B S Reporter

Rallying for solidarity within , senior Congressman Raghu Sharma said that the existing Congress has the potential to break the ‘pattern' of having government of both parties alternately.

“Government can repeat if Congress contests unitedly. We must make the most of a weak, divided BJP. We are still left with good 8 months before going for polls. The high command must intervene and find solution of leadership tussle,” said Raghu Sharma.

Gehlot's scheme a big hit among masses

Raghu Sharma praised the schemes rolled out by Gehlot government. He said that there is positive messaging about the Gehlot government. Common people believe that Gehlot government should repeat.

“You can go through any scheme. Public is happy with the government. The government has tried to serve each and every person through budgetary provisions. One crore people have come under social security net. If these schemes get implemented effectively, no one can stop repeat of this government,” claimed Sharma.

BJP ripped with divisions

Sharma said that the internal rift in BJP is good enough to drown the party. The infighting in BJP has reach to a level that the world's largest party is not able to appoint leader of opposition (LoP).

“After farewell of Gulab Chand Kataria, BJP is not appointing LoP. They fear that the LoP may well be deemed as CM face which will create more trouble in the party,” he said.

Sharma said that deputy lease of opposition Rajendra Rathore is the natural choice for LoP.

“I want Rathore to be appointed as LoP. But the party will not appoint him. Now if he doesn't become LoP, Rathore has no other choice than to head to any House,” he said .

He said that the ‘badly' divided BJP should not discuss the internal differences of Congress.

“The BJP is split in bits and pieces. No two leaders are ready to sit together. Vasundhara Raje and other BJP leaders are attempting to spoil each other's programmes. BJP deliberately decided to organise protest march on the day of Raje's birthday celebrations, just to fail her,” he said.

New districts for Good Governance

Demanding to make his constituency Kekri a district, Raghu Sharma Advocates for formation of new districts. He said that government should divide state into more districts which will enable more administrative control and ensure good governance.

has the largest geography in the country. There are 33 districts. Even smaller states have more districts. We have a population of 8 crore divided in 33 districts which comes out to 24 lakh per district. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh which are smaller states than Rajasthan has 9 lakh population and 15 lakh population per district respectively,” he said.

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