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Rajasthan youth falling prey to sextortion racket

Sextortion cases are in rise in Rajasthan. More and more Rajasthan youth are falling prey to sextortion in the state

In cases of sextortion is on rise. Several cyber gangs based out of even Bangladesh are preying innocent . They are trapping youngsters and extorting money threatening them to make their video viral. Even son of senior police officers are also getting trapped in such scams.

According to police, youngsters are lured to join online friendship club, which promises to provide high profile girls and women in the age group of 16-50 years.

First they ask to pay registration charges for joining the club and then ordeal begins by further charging for medical check up client servicing and on pretext of many other things. 

Police said that people receive photographs of girls online but they are not able to meet any of them. Police suspect that youngsters become victim of sextortion after the gang record obscene video.

Modus Operandi of sextortion

The modus operandi of the gang is simple. They lure people of providing them with young and beautiful girl on social media sites. After engaging them online, they get their mobile number and then do video calling. The person on the other end is either man or a woman who gets nude and does obscene act. They record both side of video through screen recorder and then use technology or to replace the face. 

Once video is made, a series of threat calls of making the video viral bombards the victim's mobile forcing him to pay up. The blackmailing continues at the will of the gang. There are many cases in which victim commits suicide under pressure of losing social respect.

There are other gangs also who lure youngsters by offering them money for providing sexual pleasure to rich single woman, models and air hostesses. They ask susceptible youngsters to register on a website and then they ask money on pretext of medical check up, appointments and other charges. 

They promise to pay youngsters ₹15,000-₹25,000 per visit per client. Unemployed youngsters fall in this trap and they end up losing money on pretext of charges. 

Biju George Joseph warns against talking on video calls

Jaipur police  Biju George Joseph has warned against picking video calls originating from unknown numbers. 
“Such cyber crimes are on rise. One should never pick up video calls originating from unknown number. If a person falls victim, don't get afraid, report to police,” Joseph said. 

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