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Ram Ayenge! Ram Aa gaye!

Time has come when the entire nation is chanting name of Ram. Wait is over. The vandwaas is over. Ram is there in the subconscious of individual

Tomorrow the whole world shall witness the much awaited opening of the Ram Mandir at . It will be like a Deepawali. Some states have declared a holiday in offices and schools so that people can really participate in the celebrations. The live telecast of the Pranpratishtha from Ayodhya promises to be a memorable moment in the religious and cultural history of Bharat. As we prepare to celebrate, let usreminisce on this saga of duty, devotion, surrender and literally a competition of sacrifices.

Lord Ram was the eldest of four brothers. On his step-mother Kaikeyi's asking, Ram was exiled. His wife Sita, happily accompanied him to the forest.  went along Suo motto. Lakshman'smother Sumitra, accepted his decision gladly. Lakshman was sceptical about telling his wife Urmila. But when he reached her chambers, she washolding an ‘Arti Ki Thali,' to bid him farewell. She relieved him of his tension before he voiced it!

Lakshmana had won over sleep. He did not sleep for fourteen years. Urmila too never let the diyas she had lit, get extinguished. Bharat stayed in Nandigram near Ayodhya and looked after the kingdom. Shatrughan manned the door of Nandigram. Effectively all four brothers lived like ascetics! It seems all the people of Ayodhya lived like celibates. It is said that no child was born in Ayodhya during those fourteen years. 

During the battle when Indrajit struck Lakshmanwith a Shakti Baan and injured him, Lord Hanuman was sent to get the Sanjeevani booti. While returning with the Dronagiri mountain, Hanuman was flying over Ayodhya. Bharat mistook him for a demon and struck him down. Then Hanuman told Bharat thatLakshman had been injured grievously, and he was taking this mountain of magical herbs for his treatment.

When Ram's mother Kaushalya, heard this, she told Hanuman, to tell Ram that he should not return to Ayodhya without bringing Lakshman with him, even if he would have to stay in the forest forever.

When Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman and Shatrughan, heard of Lakshman's condition, she said that, she would send Shatrughan to serve Rama, because both her sons were born only to serve the Lord.

WheLord Hanuman saw Urmila, he was surprised to see her calm and composed. Was she not concerned about her husband Lakshman? He asked her how she was so unperturbed. Because it was said that if the Sun would rise before the Sanjeevanibooti was administered to Lakshman he would die. She said, “My husband's life is not in danger. If you are bothered about the sunrise, you may rest here for a few days. I am confident that the Sun shall wait for you to reach back, before it rises. You said that Lord Rama, has put my husband's head in his lap. How can any harm befall one who is lying in the lap of God himself? Lakshmana has not slept since he left for the forest, so he is in dire need of rest. Since he is resting in the lap of the Lord himself, he is making the best of it. My husband has Ram in life breath, his heartbeat, in every cell of his body, in every drop of his blood! When Ram resides in his body and soul, then the Shakti that you say has hit Lakshmana, has actually hit Rama only! Rama is feeling the pain! Go Hanuman! The Sun shall not rise till you reach back!

Before Ram was exiled he was, DashrathnandanRam. After so many trials and tribulations, He became Maryada Purushottam Ram! What a story the Ramayan is … the more you learn about it, the more you want to learn! 

Ram Rajya happened then because of the sacrifices of many. The Ram Mandir has been made by the efforts and of many. Let's celebrate its grandopening! Jai Shri Ram!

Priya S Tandon
Priya S Tandonhttps://www.thebuckstopper.com/
Priya S Tandon is the vice president of Competent Foundation. She has co-authored with her husband Sanjay Tandon seven books of inspirational short stories. About 230 of her stories are available on YouTube on Sunraysme. She offers seva as a language reviewer for the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini in creating digital educational content which is uploaded to the Prime Minister’s DIKSHA portal.
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