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Ram mandir is manifestation of Modi’s resolution

Ram mandir is manifestation of many hopes, outcome of crores resolutions and reflection of belief that the native will get His right one day

The consecration of in Ayodhya is not just a religious do. It's manifestation of many sentiments, it's outcome of many resolutions and it's result of many folded hands that prayed for this day ignoring their own selfish wishes. 

The Ram mandir is manifestation of resolutions of many Ram Gopal Guptas in the country who went to demolish the structures of Babri Masjid in 1990 and since then took a resolution to cut hair only when Ram Lalla gets established there in a grand manner. The smile on the face of this Ram Gopal Gupta from Sri Ganganagar looks broader than temple site spread across 2.7 acre.

“I have taken a resolution that I will not cut hair or beard till the temple is constructed. I am happy that the time has come after 33 years of wait. Nothing great could have happened in my life,” said elated Gupta waving his 33 year old beard.

But then there are many Deepa Rams in this country who took oath not to construct house till Lord Ram Lalla gets his shelter. This Deepa Ram from Jalore stayed in a kachcha hut for 33 years despite having all the wherewithal to construct a good house. Now that consecration of Ram mandir is taking place on January 22, Deepa Ram too will enter his new house for which he had taken land on the day Supreme Court ordered for the construction of Ram mandir. 

Ram mandir is not a symbol Hinduism or Sanatan dharma. It is sentiments of crores of Indians who have been reading chaupai of Ram Charit Manas for years. It's hope of crores who touched feet of Arun Govil who played role of Bhagwan Ram in the TV serial. 

The of Ram mandir is not a guarantee for clean sweep for in nor it's catalyst to improve popularity ratings of Modi. It's an unwavering faith of crores of Indians that the native will get His right one day that too in a grand fashion. It's a victory of belief that happy days are sure to come. 

Ramkumar Kaushik
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