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Ritu Banawat Bayana MLA complains of her deep fake obscene video getting viral 

Ritu Banawat, independent MLA from Bayana is facing a big problem of her deep fake obscene getting viral on social media.


, independent from Bayana has lodged a complaint with Bharatpur Mridul Kachawa regarding circulation of her deep fake obscene video on social media. 

She said that a deep fake video of her is being circulated on social media for last five days. 

MLA Ritu Banawat said that she came to know about an obscene video being circulated on social media.

“One of my acquaintances called me up and said that an obscene video is circulated on social media. People are attacking my name and fake photo with the video. It's quite disturbing. I have been getting calls incessantly,” she said.

Bharatpur SP said that the matter is being investigated and 

What a normal woman would feel?

Ritu Banawat said that if such thing can happen to an MLA, one can guess what can happen to a normal woman. 

“I will speak to assembly speaker Vasudev Devanani about it and ask him to bring a strong legislature against it to stop such nuisance,” she said.

Ritu Banawat said that the video is being circulated just to defame her.

“It's a political conspiracy. I will get to the root of this and bring them to books. People are trying to malign my political and social reputation,” she said. 

Video being shared on X and Facebook

The video is being shared on social media platforms like X and Facebook. It is being shared through accounts of Rinku Choudhary, Manju Dinesh and Beejal Khan in form of reel.

What is deep fake video?

Deepfakes are the manipulation of facial appearance through deep generative methods. While the act of creating fake content is not new, deepfakes leverage powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to or generate visual and audio content that can more easily deceive.

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