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Hijab controversy: Muslim girls demand action against Acharya

Acharya had allegedly said that Hijab should not be allowed in schools while addressing annual function of a government girls school.

Firebrand MLA of Jaipur Balmukund Acharya is again in the firing line of Muslims. This time for his alleged remarks against hijab. Hundreds of girls of minority gheraoed Subash Chowk police station demanding arrest and apology from Hawa Mahal MLA – a Hindutva face of BJP in Rajasthan.

Acharya had allegedly said that Hijab should not be allowed in schools while addressing annual function of a government girls school. The girls alleged that at the behest of Acharya, his followers raised anti Hijab slogans in the function. Acharya allegedly said that wearing hijab would not be allowed in educational institutions.

“We can't allow Acharya to spread Muslim divide in schools. He can't say anything against Hijab, which is our tradition and culture,” said girls, who were demonstrating in front of police station.

Balmukund Acharya said that he was not against hijab. He had just asked the school principal about the dress code of the school. 

“When I went to the school I saw a divide. At one side girls were wearing hijab and on the other side girls were without hijab. Tomorrow Hindu girls can also wear colourful lehenga chunni in the name of tradition. When there is a dress code, girls should follow it. They just need guidance on that,” he said.

He said that every place has a dress code and one should follow.
“I had visited Madarsa also. But I never raised any question on dress code there,” Acharya Balmukund clarified.

In 2022, similar dispute pertaining to school uniforms was reported in  when some Muslim students of a junior college who wanted to wear hijab to classes were denied entry on the grounds that it was a violation of the college's uniform policy which was also followed by the other religion students as well.

The issue was later raised in assembly by Adarsh Nagar MLA Rafique Khan. He said that BJP MLA

Balmukund Acharya has given anti hijab statement, which is not tolerable.
The BJP MLAs however opposed the Khan saying that the Congress MLA can't raise issues beyond the adjournment motion. The speaker Vasudev Devnani instructed to delete hijab related statement from the proceedings.

Balmukund Acharya had objected to meat shops in past also

Soon after winning election from Hawa Mahal, Balmukund Acharya hit the headlines for threatening officials to close down meat shops being operated without license. He also warned meat shop owners to remove encroachment which they have done by extending their shops on roads.
The minority community records their objection over Balmukund Acharya's action.

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