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Road to development: Gehlot launches Rs 2,422 crore road projects to connect rural Rajasthan, PWD aligns with CM’s vision

By Vivek Shukla

With a vision to bring remote areas of state to mainstream of , chief Ashok Gehlot launched Rs 2,422 crore road projects which will provide metal roads in 1,514 villages.

Gehlot said that the state government in last few years has laid down high quality road network in rural areas, which is being appreciated by everyone in the country.

“There was a time when Rajasthan lagged behind Gujarat in terms of road. But now if we are not ahead, then we are not even behind Gujarat.

He appreciated the work of PWD in maintaining the quality of roads and identifying the black spots where the chances of accidents are high.

“Road has direct relationship with development. Villages get a large number of facilities through roads. I am happy with the approach of PWD towards road quality and its monitoring. We are constructing roads of Nagar Nigam, Nagar Parishad and Nagar Palika through PWD,” he said.

1.4 lakh Kms of road construction in five years

Gehlot said that the strike of contractors is over and now not much time will be taken for road construction.

“The strike was due to communication gap. We are now constructing road from state highways to district road and from there to village and city roads simultaneously. More than 1.4 lakh Kms of roads are being constructed in five years,” Gehlot said.

He said that in 2023-24 budget year, the government is planning to construct and strengthen 23,000 kms of roads. So far the government has spent Rs 32,384 crore in construction of 65,000 kms of road during this tenure.

The chief Usha Sharma said that the government is committed to construction and renovation of roads as these are the life line of any economy.

The principal secretary of PWD Vaibhav Galriya said that the launch of new roads will connect 91% villages.

“As per the 2011 census, Rs 1,192 crore are being spent to connect 778 villages with of 350 in general area and population of 250 in tribal and desert areas. We are also spending Rs 1,230 crore for laying roads in 736 villages with population of more than 500 in general area and 250 in tribal and desert areas. So far 89% of villages have been connected,” Galriya said.

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