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SP Amit Kumar’s use of innovative technology ensured tension free election in Pratapgarh

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SP of Pratapgarh has implemented innovative technology to ensure free and fair elections in the district.
Kumar connected coordinates of all the booths, patrolling parties, quick response teams (QRT), police vehicles, police teams and sector magistrates through an app. All the vehicles were geo tagged so that their movement and exact locations were monitored real time on a dashboard centrally. Every field team was given the app where mobile number of all the team members were updated. The monotony team was given the admin dashboard to monitor movement of each and every .

Since, the location and positioning of all the teams were flashed real time n the dash board, any delay in action was completely ruled out.

Amit kumar, SP

“Earlier, it was difficult to ascertain position and location of all the teams together. We used to manually call them or use wireless lo locate them. It used to take lot of time. But with geo tagging and e-monitoring, we were able to get real time locations and movement update,” said Amit Kumar.

He said that the police had deployed 200 vehicles to monitor 560 booths.

“We were in a position to assess which vehicle had to be moved where to meet any insurgency in no time. This is perhaps for the first time, police has used technology to monitor and protect booths effectively during elections in Rajasthan,” Kumar said.

He said that the police received around 250 complaints non election day.

“The average time of resolution of each complaint was just 2-5 minutes. Police used the technology very well to ensure and fairness in election,” he said.

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