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Welfare jig for gig workers in Rajasthan, assembly passes Bill to give social security to drivers, food delivery partners and temp staff of online platforms

By Alok Mathur

Now drivers and bikers associated with online platforms like Ola, Uber and food delivery partners of Swiggy and Zomato like online platforms will also have social security net in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Assembly passed a Bill for the formation of a welfare board as well as a fund for platform-based gig workers in the state and to facilitate social security for them.

The Bill defines a gig worker as a person who performs work or participates in a work arrangement and earns from such activities outside of the traditional employer-employee relationship and who works on contract that results in a given rate of payment, based on terms and conditions laid down in such contract and includes all piece-rate work.

The Bill has provisions to constitute a Welfare Board and to set up a welfare fund for platform-based gig workers, to register the workers and aggregators in the state and to facilitate social security for the gig workers. The minister in charge of the Labour Department will be the chairperson of the board and at least one-third of its nominated members will be .

The board will ensure the of platform-based gig workers and aggregators operating in the state and will also ensure that the welfare fee deduction mechanism is integrated with the functioning of the application of the aggregator. Welfare fee will be charged from aggregators which will be at such rate of the value of each transaction related to platform-based gig workers. There are around 3 gig workers in the state. For them the has set up a fund of Rs 200 crore for social security and welfare.

It will ensure that gig workers have access to benefits as per the schemes formulated by the state government.

The Bill gives gig workers the right to get registered and Unique ID applicable across all platforms, get access to general and specific social security schemes, an opportunity to be heard for any grievances and appropriate grievance redressal mechanism, and participate in all decisions taken for their welfare through representation in the Board. If any aggregator fails to comply with the provisions of the act or rules, the state government may impose a fine which may extend up to Rs 5 lakh for the first contravention and up to Rs 50 lakh for subsequent contraventions.

Alok Mathur
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Alok Mathur is a law graduate. Journalism is his first love which he now pursues in the latter half of his career. Controversies and crime are the right triggers for him.
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