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Will Vivek Bunty Sahu emerge Giant killer, to face Kamal Nath again in assembly polls

It's official now. The line up for the super hot Chhindwada seat is the same as it was in 2019 when former Kamal Nath defeated BJP face Vivek Bunty Sahu in byelection. Deepak Saxena, who had won on Congress ticket left the seat for Kamal Nath, who didn't contest 2018 election but was nominated as chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath, who has represented Chhindwara in for nine times, then needed a seat in assembly to continue as chief minister. Deepak Saxena, his close aide offers to sacrifice his seat.
Vivek Bunty, in 2019, did well in the election fighting Kamal Nath in his own backyard. He lost the election to then chief minister by just 25,000 votes.

Now will the same line up end up with same result? Vivek Bunty Sahu, in an exclusive interview to The BuckStopper, refuses to bow down. He said that Kamal Nath is a businessman and he just buys votes in Chhindwada. Excerpts:

TBS: You have been pitted against Kamal Nath, how tight the contests will be?

VIvek: This time BJP will win from Chhindwada. In last election he fought the election as chief minister but could win just by 25,000 votes. Over 90,000 people in the constituency voted against him. This time we have worked very hard and we will turn the table on Congress.

TBS: Why do you think public will not vote for Kamal Nath

Vivek: People have come to know about the truth of Kamal Nath. It's the public of Chhindwada which has made Kamal Nath. He became commerce minister, road and transport minister at centre but what did Chhindwada get. He could have brought industries in Chhindwada, created jobs for locals but he never did. He owns 20-22 industries and factories but none of these are in his own constituency.

TBS: Why do you think people will vote for you

Vivek: People can't forget Kamal Nath putting his hands across waist of actresses in IIFA . But was completely missing during Covid-19 when people needed food, and medical support.
We worked very hard during Covid-19 period. I along with my team worked 24X7 wearing PPE kit and taking people to hospitals, serving them food and supplying medicines to their homes. They can't forget what Kamal Nath had done to them.

Who is Vivek Bunty Sahu ?

Vivek Bunty Sahu is a firebrand leader. He was president of Yuva Morcha twice. In last elections he fielded against Kamal Nath. He got defeated but BJP made him district president. Now again he has been given responsibility to defeat Kamal Nath in his home borough.

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