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Before Gudha could strike Gehlot blowed him away to save his government from embarrassment, Intelligence report indicated Gudha’s plan of quitting Congress!

By B S Reporter

Everyone was taken by surprise when Rajasthan sent bag packing for his cabinet colleague Rajendra Gudha, who has been vocal against the chief minister for quite sometime. Gehlot earlier had said that in one has to observe patience. And perhaps Gehlot's patience runs out this time.

Gehlot, however didn't comment on his action against Gudha saying that “it is party's internal matter,” Gehlot said during a press conference at his residence.

According to sources, it was intelligence input that made Gehlot ‘impatient' and he abruptly recommended sacking of Gudha, who had saved his government when the infamous Sachin Pilot episode happened. This is the same Gudha for whom Gehlot was proud of at that point of time.

“Intelligence had confirm inputs that Gudha is planning to quit . Gehlot showed promptness and sacked him immediately to save embarrassment,” said a senior Congress leader.

Rajendra Gudha, who had been playing hot and cold for sometime against his own government, was said to have met AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi. Having a track record of ‘romancing' with different parties, Gudha's loyalty was under question.

“Gudha had won two elections on BSP symbol and then shifted his loyalty to Congress and has been minister twice in Gehlot' two term. This time of Gudha would have quit Congress after being in Gehlot cabinet, it would have brought embarrassment to the chief minsiter,” the party leader said.

Gehlot, who is a wily politician, knew that if Gudha is being spared at this time when the assembly elections are just three months away, his government would not be in danger.

“This is the last session of assembly and now there is no chance that government will fall in minority no matter how many or ministers withdraw support. So, Gehlot decide to give the first blow rather than waiting for Gudha to strike,” the leader said.

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