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Royal Raje passes on baton to Aam Karyakarta quietly, is this the beginning of end of her era?


In 2003, when Vasundhara Raje became chief minister of Rajasthan, she was not an aam karyakarta. She was daughter of Vijaya Raje Scindia, one of the founding members of BJP. She was former minister of state in central .

Twenty years passed by, Vasundhara Raje spent half of the time as chief minister. And then passed on the baton to an aam karyakarta whose identity was confined to the state BJP office as general secretary and then a month back as BJP's representative of Sanganer assembly. Now that faceless aam karyakarta has rose to annexe top post backing the general belief that in the age of -Shah anyone can become ‘The One'.

Is it end of Raje era?

Raje has the natural charisma. She is a born politician. Her era, her time will not go till she is there is politics. In the present context, she will find more relevance at central level politics which will bring her directly under the shadow Modi- Shah, which she had been avoiding for long.
If she still prefers to remain as a non relevant entity at state functioning, she will end up suffocating herself with no opening.

Then the BJP leadership must have discussed with her the exit route as even they would not like her to be in state affairs with a fresh face as chief minister.

Raje will now have to take a decision on her future course and strike a deal where her politics and her son Dushyant Singh's survival don't get jeopardised.

“If she is able to crack a combo deal with current BJP central leadership before Sabha polls, her era will continue for some time. Otherwise like many once prominent faces of BJP, she will also be lost in oblivion,” said a Vasundhara Raje sympathiser.

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