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Bhagwant Mann govt purchases private power plant

Bhagwant Mann announced a big step as the state purchased the privately-owned thermal power plant in Gurdaspur. This strategic move is aimed at providing affordable electricity to the people. Mann emphasized that while other governments were privatizing their institutions, Punjab

took a groundbreaking step by acquiring a private thermal power plant. The plant, named after the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das Ji, is expected to save the state between 300 to 350 crore rupees in electricity purchases.

As a New Year's gift to the people of , Chief Minister Mann revealed that the government spent 1080 crore rupees to buy the Goindwal Power Plant owned by GVK Power. This marks the first time a government has acquired a private power plant, contrasting with the previous trend of state governments selling their entities at lower prices.

The Chief Minister stated that the purchase would lead to significant savings, considering the minimum cost ever for a power plant, at two crore rupees per megawatt. The Goindwal plant has a capacity of 540 megawatts and was bought for two crore rupees per megawatt, making it the most cost-effective deal to date.

Highlighting the impact on electricity rates, Chief Minister Mann mentioned a 33% reduction in purchase costs, particularly in agreements with private thermal power plants. This acquisition is expected to contribute to the state's progress and prosperity, generating new employment opportunities for the youth.

The plant, initiated in 1992 and operational since 2016, has contributed significantly to the state's power supply. By saving approximately 300 to 350 crore rupees in electricity purchases, the people of Punjab will benefit from reduced electricity rates. Chief Minister Mann emphasized the potential for job creation for the state's youth, fostering progress and shared prosperity.

With the Goindwal Power Plant now under government ownership, Chief Minister Mann expressed confidence in increasing the plant's capacity utilization from the existing 34% to 75-80%. This, coupled with coal supply from the Pachwara coal mine, is expected to result in enhanced power and economic benefits for the state.

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