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Japanese PM expresses grief over death toll post earthquake

By The BuckStopper Reporter

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida expressed grief as the death toll reached 13, acknowledging numerous casualties and extensive damage after the devastating earthquake.

The 7.5-magnitude quake in Ishikawa prefecture, Honshu's main island led to devastating tsunami waves, building collapses, and a major port fire, claiming the lives of at least six people and causing widespread destruction.

Amid the tragedy, a glimmer of relief emerged as all tsunami advisories along the Sea of Japan were lifted. The risk of additional catastrophe lessened, allowing survivors a momentary respite from the relentless waves of disaster. Communities, although shaken, began to envision a path towards recovery.

Over 1,000 rescuers tirelessly are racing against the time and searching for survivors beneath the rubble, a haunting task as the scale of destruction became painfully clear. The Japanese , mobilised in the face of catastrophe, distributed crucial supplies — , water, and blankets — to those displaced by the quake.

“Very extensive damage has been confirmed, including numerous casualties, building collapses, and fires,” Japanese Fumio Kishida told reporters, describing a “race against time” to rescue victims.

In a moment of solidarity, US President Joe Biden assured Japan that the United States stood ready to provide any necessary assistance, emphasizing the global community's support during such trying times. As rescue efforts continued, the world watched with bated breath.

With almost 45,000 households without power and freezing temperatures overnight, the region faced additional challenges. The US Geological Survey reported a magnitude of 7.5, while Japan's meteorological agency measured it at 7.6, emphasizing over 150 subsequent tremors in the region.

Evacuation orders affected 62,000 people, with around 1,000 seeking refuge at a military base. Defense Minoru Kihara mobilized 1,000 military personnel, while 8,500 stood by, supported by 20 aircraft to assess the damage. The quake's impact reached Tokyo, where a public New Year event with Emperor Naruhito was canceled, and major highways and bullet services were suspended.

Japan, accustomed to frequent earthquakes, implements stringent building regulations and conducts routine emergency drills. However, the nation remains haunted by the traumatic 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which triggered a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant. The recent earthquake serves as a somber reminder of Japan's vulnerability to natural disasters and the resilience required in their aftermath.

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