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Congress campaign committee chief Govind Ram Meghwal loses from Khajuwala


In a major set back to ruling Congress, the campaign committee chief of Congress and Govind Ram Meghwal lost to Dr Vishwanath Meghwal on Khajuwala seat.

Dr. Vishwanath Meghwal won by over 20,000 votes.

The victory was expected even before the . Govind Ram Meghwal, before elections, was caught on camera telling people of his constituency that if you think Congress has not done anything, do vote for BJP.

Such statement reflected arrogance of minister of ruling Congress and public of Khajuwala taught Meghwal the lesson he may remember for long.
Apart from that, BJP from Ajmer South Anita Bhadel has also won the for the fifth time by around 2,500 votes.

Bhadel is a dalit face of BJP and is a stands good chance for becoming minister in BJP government.

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