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Death toll in Japan reaches 92, 250 missing

Death toll from earthquake rises to 92. Japan has agreed to accept relief from US only. No aid from any other country so far

The death toll from the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan's remote has reached 92, with 250 still missing, and hopes of finding survivors diminishing. Japan has also decided to accept relief from USA only. Both countries are discussing how and when US forces will coordinated with Japan relief team. Japan has clarified no aid from other regions or countries for now, the daily Nikkei reported on Friday.

Japan's Self-Defense Forces increased their rescue and relief efforts, deploying 4,600 troops to the affected areas, particularly in Suzu and Wajima, where many are believed to be trapped under collapsed wooden structures ill-equipped for powerful earthquakes.

As tens of thousands grapple with and water shortages, hundreds face isolation due to landslides and blocked roads. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, determined not to yield to despair, emphasized an unwavering commitment to aiding affected communities, urging rescue teams to exhaust all efforts.

The on Monday triggered a small tsunami, flooding approximately 296 acres of land, as revealed by Japan's land ministry. The government has pledged $34 million in reserves for victim assistance.

Reports from the Japan Ground Self Defense Force depicted troops loading essential supplies onto trucks, navigating through mud and debris-laden landslide areas. The devastation in Wajima was profound, with homes and vehicles crushed under crumbling concrete. The historic in Wajima City, boasting a millennium-old and drawing hundreds of thousands of annual visitors, succumbed to flames.

Wajima, now resembling a ghost town with its 23,000 residents heeding early evacuation warnings, faces the aftermath of the earthquake that shattered traditional wooden homes and erased a historic market. Despite the adversity, Prime Minister Kishida's resolve echoes through the ongoing relief efforts, emphasizing the nation's commitment to overcoming the disaster's impact.

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