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How Lakshadweep visit of PM Modi raises threat to Maldives tourism

Lakshadweep has been undiscovered Lakshadweep has been an undiscovered marvel so far, tourist interest in which peaked due to PM Modi’s recent sojourn to the island, with a potential to hit the Maldives' revenue from Indian tourists

Lakshadweep visit of PM Modi has set social media abuzz, where he shared glimpses of his experiences in this idyllic archipelago.

The Prime indulged in the delights of ‘snorkeling,' immersing himself in the vibrant marine life beneath the waves. His social media posts also showcased serene moments during morning walks along the pristine Lakshadweep beaches and leisurely sits on a beach chair. Encouraging fellow Indians, PM Modi urged them to consider Lakshadweep, a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

This visit has triggered a ripple effect on social media, with Maldives, located approximately 754 km away, trending as users perceive PM Modi's endorsement of Lakshadweep as a potential blow to the neighboring country.

Discovering Lakshadweep: Unveiling the Hidden Gems

Agatti Island

Renowned for its breathtaking lagoons, Agatti Island is enveloped by the sea on all sides. A haven for beach lovers, the island boasts stunning beaches bordered by coconut and palm trees. The landscape, formed by corals, is a snorkeler's paradise. Snorkeling enthusiasts explore the marine life by swimming on the sea's surface, equipped with masks, snorkels for breathing, and sometimes wings for direction and speed.

Minicoy and Bangaram Islands

The second-largest island in Lakshadweep, Minicoy Island, situated around 400 km from Cochin's coastline, offers clear blue waters and coral rocks amidst white sands. Nearby, Bangaram Island on the coast promises encounters with beautiful fishes, dolphins, and opportunities for and adventure , including scuba diving. The island also provides spectacular views of sunrise and sunset.

Kavaratti and Kalpeni Islands

Kavaratti, the capital of Lakshadweep, stands out for its beautiful islands, white sand, coconut trees, and various water sports. With 12 atolls and submerged banks, Kavaratti is a picturesque destination. Kalpeni Island, comprising Cheriyam, Pitti, and Tilakkam, offers coral reefs, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, and boating, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the archipelago.

As PM Modi's endorsement shines a spotlight on Lakshadweep, the hidden gems of this pristine destination beckon travellers seeking unparalleled natural beauty and adventure.

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