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Defying age will it be Manmohan again from Rajasthan for Rajya Sabha?

In August this year when former Prime Minister 91, an ailing and aging persona came on a wheelchair in Rajya Sabha to vote against the central government on National Government of Capital Territory (Amendment) Bill, he was hailed as the hero by the Opposition.

The presence of the two time former Prime Minister, who stood amidst the political crossfire inspired the young AAP member Raghav Chadha, who showered praises on Manmohan Singh and described him as the beacon of integrity and his unswerving commitment to democratic principles and the Constitution. His invaluable support on the Government of Capital Territory Bill was lauded.

The presence of Manmohan Singh in a wheelchair during a crucial Parliament session has become a focal point of political contention.

Manmohan Singh, who was last elected from Rajasthan to the Upper House in a by-election in 2019 and his present term expires in April next year.

The could still get him elected from Rajasthan as the Congress after the recent election in the Vidhan Sabha won 69 seats which is enough gto get Manmohan Singh elected from Rajasthan.

But, the party's high command will have to decide whether to give Manmohan another term as he is not well and is unable to walk.

Manmohan Singh was first elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1991 from Assam. He was the leader of Opposition between 1998 and 2004.He was sworn in as the Prime Minister in 2004 and then again in 2009. During these periods he was a member of the Upper House from Assam.

Congress with 69 seats could win one Rajya Sabha seat when the for the Rajya Sabha seat are held early next year. The term of Rajya Sabha member from Rajasthan former prime Minister Manmohan Singh would end in April 2024. The Congress has the required first priority vote of 51 members

Rajya Sabha member of Dr Kirori Lal Meena, who was elected to the Vidhan Sabha has tendered his resignation from Rajya Sabha. His term was to expire in April 2024 in the Upper House. The term of the Union minister Bhupendra Yadav is also expiring in April 2024 .

Yadav is a minister and whether he would be given another term in Rajya sabha or would be asked to contest the Alwar seat which was last time won by Mahant Balaknath is to be seen. The Alwar seat is dominated by the Ahirs Yadav. In all probability he would be asked to cointest the seat,but only if Mahant is accomodated as a minister in the Bhajan lal Cabinet, else he would urge the party to make him a candidate from Alwar once again.

Thus for the three Rajya Sabha seats that are falling vacant, the BJP with 115 members in the Vidhan Sabha could easily win the two seats and the Congress one seat. Apart from its own 115 seats, the BJP has the support of seven Independents, who were elected as the BJP rebels and have extended support to the parent party.

Currently, there are 10 members from the state in the Upper House with six Congress members and four from the BJP.

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