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Dhariwal does it again, says relationship and love affairs behind suicide of students in Kota

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UDH courted yet another controversy. He said that the reason behind suicides of students in Kota is affair and relationship.

“A letter regarding affair has been found after the girl from committed suicide on Wednesday (yesterday),” he said in the presence of minister Ashok Gehlot.
Dhariwal said that a study should be conducted on the reasons behind students committing suicides.

“There has been many cases where students coming to Kota from outside committed suicide within 15 days. What could be the reason. Suicide happens due to relationship issues,” he said.
He cited parental pressure also the reason behind suicide of students.

“Students aiming from outside see their peer performing better than them. This develops inferiority complex in them and they want to leave Kota. But under parental pressure they have to suffer. This is also reason of suicide in many cases,” said Dhariwal.

Ravindra Kumar Sinha, father of that girl counterattacked Dhariwal saying that if the minister has any proof of her affair, he (Dhariwal) should show him (father).

“My daughter was a victim of eve-teasing. Anti social elements would to tease her on her way to coaching. She (Richa ) had shared this with her sister,” said Ravindra Kumar Sinha.

Not the first time Dhariwal hits controversy

On rape cases in Rajasthan, Dhariwal had given an insensitive statement in the assembly. He said “Rajasthan mardon ka Pradesh hai.”
“By giving another insensitive statement regarding suicide in Kota, Dhariwal has given fresh arsenal to opposition BJP in election time,” said Ravindra Singh, a observer.

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