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‘Dilli Chalo’ march by farmers amid failed talks

Farmers are up for ‘Dilli Chalo’ amid failed talks with government on MSP. The government is ensuring no law and order situation in Delhi

Farmers in are poised to commence their ‘Dilli Chalo' march today at 11 am following the unsuccessful fourth round of discussions with the central government regarding Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all crops. The primary convoy of farmers will depart from the Shambhu border of Punjab-Haryana. Additionally, farmers will enter Haryana from the Khanauri border, proceeding towards in tractor-trolleys. 

The ‘Dilli Chalo' march is anticipated to disrupt life in Delhi and its environs, as security measures implemented by authorities to deter protesting farmers may result in traffic congestion. Notably, police detained farmers en route to Delhi from Manesar on Wednesday morning.

The Buckstopper gets you the top 10 updates on Farmers' Protest: 

1. Late Tuesday night witnessed a confrontation between farmers transporting heavy machinery from Punjab towards the Shambhu border and police forces over road blockades. This altercation led to injuries sustained by SHO Inspector Amanpal Singh Virk of Shambhu police station and SP Jagwinder Singh Cheema of Mohali, both of whom have been hospitalized.

2. Haryana Police has fortified the bridge over the Ghaggar river at Shambhu border with cement girders and barbed wires to impede farmers. In response, farmers have brought JCBs, hydraulic cranes, and bulletproof Poklane machines to dismantle the barricade.

3. As per the strategy devised by farmer leaders, tractors will form a line starting at 6 am. Currently, approximately 1200 tractors are stationed at the Shambhu border, with 800 tractors positioned at the Khanauri border, with the possibility of an increase in their numbers.

4. Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and resolve the protest by guaranteeing MSP for farmers. He emphasized the farmers' right to peaceful demonstration and implored the government to uphold constitutional principles.

5. Union Minister Arjun Munda announced on Tuesday evening that farmer leaders had rejected the government's MSP proposal, urging farmers and organizations to maintain peace and continue discussions.

6. The central government estimates that nearly 14,000 individuals have amassed along the Punjab-Haryana border, comprising 1200 tractor-trolleys, 300 cars, and 10 mini-buses. Additionally, 4500 people with 500 tractors were permitted to assemble at the Dhabi-Gujran barrier.

7. Concerned about the deteriorating -and-order situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs sent a letter to the , citing instances of violence and miscreant activities along the border.

8. The Haryana Director General of Police (DGP) requested his Punjab counterpart to prevent earthmoving machinery from reaching the Haryana border and to ensure the safety of vulnerable groups such as women, children, and journalists.

9. Today marks the ninth day of the movement, during which four individuals, including two farmers and two police sub-inspectors, have lost their lives under various circumstances.

10. In preparation for potential confrontations, Punjab farmers have equipped themselves with tear gas and water cannons while deploying water tanks in tractor-trolleys. Furthermore, experts in kite flying will counter aerial surveillance drones, and soil-filled pots have been utilized to fill excavations in the Ghaggar river. Additionally, a women's brigade and a legal team comprising six advocates have joined the protest at the border.

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