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Gehlot wants to become party president now, but will have to wait for more than four years

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chief Ashok Gehlot now regrets not becoming the party president. In an interview to Hindustan Times Gehlot said that he feels it till today that he could have been the party president.
“I want to become party president as it's a 100 times bigger position than that of the chief minister,” Gehlot said.

But then Gehlot will have to wait to little more than four more years to fulfil his wish. The tenure of Congress president is five years. And in normal circumstances, , who took over as Congress president in October 2022, will continue till October 2027 – to complete his five-year term. But to be the chief minister for the fourth time, he just needs 101 seats and three months time.

Gehlot, who backed out from being the president of the grand old party last year due to ‘circumstances' has no choice but to wait for the next opportunity if at all he is offered.

Gehlot, who is fighting hard for a repeat of Congress government in the upcoming elections, has clarified that the perception that he wanted to stick with chief minister post is misnomer.dee

“Sonia knows the truth. Let's not delve deep into it. We should all fight elections together to win again,” he said.

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