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Glitches in RajKaj portal may spoil Sudhansh Pant’s fast file disposal plan

Rajasthan chief secretary Sudhansh Pant is focusing on reducing file disposal time but frequent glitches in RajKaj portal may derail his plan

At a time when Rajasthan chief Sudhansh Pant is pushing the bureaucracy hard to reduce average file disposal time and focus m e-filing, the online service portal of government- RajKaj – has not been working properly since last couple of days. 

This is delaying the uploading and downloading of files and subsequently delaying the disposal time. 

According to officials, the state government will have to first improve the operation of RajKal portal on which the entire functioning of e-governance is integrated. 

“If chief secretary wants to increase efficiency of staff, the government will have to improve the working of RajKaj portal. Most of the time, it gets hang and the user has to abruptly log out. The he has to again log in to carry out the upload,” said an official of secretariat.

Sudhansh Pant is pushing hard to run governance on RajKaj

Ever since Sudhansh Pant has taken over as chief secretary, he has been pushing senior IAS officers to reduce their file disposal time and carry out all working online. This has really improved the working in secretariat. The pendency has gone down. Pant is personally monitoring the disposal system regularly, giving feedback to senior IAS officers, appreciating them and some times pointing out their weaknesses to improve the efficiency of government. 

“CS also writing UO note to senior IAS officers individually appreciating their performance, indicating time taken by them in disposal of files. But things will not fall in line if the RajKaj portal doesn't properly,” said a senior IAS officer.

Pant urges all divisional commissioners and collectors to implement e-filing

Sudhansh Pant, on Monday, urged all divisional commissioners and collectors to implement e-filing to reduce file disposal time. He also asked them to introduce proper strictly in their offices to step up discipline in government offices. Pant has been asking government officials to attend offices in formal dressing. The chief secretary also urged collectors and divisional commissioners to encourage their staff to plant at least one plant each and promote conservation keeping summers in mind.

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