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Sudhansh Pant shocks energy dept with surprise visit

In a surprise to hundreds of employees of energy department chief secretary Sudhansh Pant made an unplanned visit to understand their working

Continuing with his streak of giving surprise visits to government offices, Rajasthan chief secretary Sudhansh Pant visited Vidyut Bhawan, which houses offices of discoms, managing director power transmission, power generation company among other senior officers.

Sudhansh Pant was visibly not happy with the functioning of departments. He said that a lot of improvement is needed in functioning of . Discoms chairman Bhanu Prakash Yeturu was on leave due to ill health.

“Energy department is directly connected with public. There are some officers whose file disposal time is quite high. They need to improve. Then there are some who are doing good job. We need to motivate them,” said Pant. 

Sudhansh Pant looked upset with an assistant engineer, who had kept file for 106 hours without taking any action. The chief secretary has been focusing on reducing the file disposal time of government employees to ensure an efficient system.

The unplanned surprise visits of Sudhansh Pant has been keeping officers on toes. Right from head of departments to junior officers, staff is coming back on time in almost all the offices especially with offices with public dealing.

During his close to four months tenure, Sudhansh Pant has made several surprise visits to offices like JDA, , DLB, Housing Board, Transport department, SMS hospital and Vidyut Bhawan among others. 

“This is the first step to good governance. If staff starts coming to offices on time, half of the problems will be over. If they are on their seats, they will definitely ,” said a senior IAS officer adding that Sudhansh Pant, himself practices what he is trying to inculcate in government employees.

Sudhansh Pant is considered a prompt and upright officer with clear bent of mind. Ever since he took over as the chief secretary, he has been busy bringing in structural changes in government machinery.

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