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He raped me, forced to undergo abortion, Delhi woman accuses IAS Yuvraj Marmat

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A couple of days after IAS Yuvraj Marmat, a 2022 batch officer from cadre, filed an against a Delhi based woman for honey trap and blackmailing, the woman, a divorcee, came out in open alleging IAS for rape and forcing her to undergo abortion. She said the FIR filed by IAS is a counter to her FIR, which she had filed against Marmat on August 24 at Patel Nagar police station in New Delhi.

However, Marmat has denied allegations saying that the woman has no proof while he had handed over proof documented in 100 pages with the FIR.

IAS Marmat, who is serving as at Chhattisgarh's Rajgarh district, got married last month with an officer of his own batch – P Mounika, who is a trainee officer in her home cadre Telangana. The marriage was solemnised in a simple ceremony at Rajgarh collectorate. Later, Marmat filed an FIR against the woman for demanding Rs 1.5 crore threatening to commit suicide and defame him ( Marmat ) on .

What woman has alleged

The 32-year old Delhi woman ( name withheld ) alleged that Marmat sexually exploited her on pretext of marrying her. So much so that, he forced me to undergo abortion in December 2022.
The woman said that Marmat used to live in her colony where he was preparing for UPSC examination. She came in contact with through a common friend and soon entered into a relationship.

“At that time, my divorce case was under process and Marmat was well aware of that. Marmat offers to marry me after I got divorce and in March 2020, Marmat raped me on promise of marriage. Since then he kept exploiting me sexually and promised to marry me once he becomes IAS. During that time, I used to fund his studies and expenses during preparation. I was earning well from my private job then,” she said.

Marmat conspired and created proof, alleges woman

The woman said that Marmat got selected in 2002 and joined Mussoorie training academy in 2022.
“He used to visit me every 15 days and in December 2022 forced me to undergo abortion. Last time he came to me on 23-24 July this year and I had no inkling that he will marry Mounika in August,” she said.

The woman alleged that Marmat conspired and created proof by sending self motivated messages to me. On August 12, 2023, he messaged me to take Rs 1.5 crore for not filing Court case against him. Since I was not aware about his intentions, I didn't take it seriously,” she said.

She said that Marmat told her that his family is not ready for the marriage so he was offering her Rs 1.5 crore for getting away from his life.
“I didn't take it seriously. How could I know that he would use that message against me and level allegation of extorting money,” she said.

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She alleged that Marmat had ruined life of a girl earlier also

“My common friend told me that he had destroyed life of a girl from Hyderabad who attempted to commit suicide after getting perfumes from his false promises and torture. It was during the year 2017-18. The girl, who is half paralysed, is now working with a bank,” she alleged .

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