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Priyanka Gandhi toes line of Rahul Gandhi, attacks Modi for being ‘industrialist’ friendly, calls for repeat of Congress govt

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's speech on Sunday was no different than Rahul Gandhi's. She treaded her brother's path and attacked and prime for being ‘industrialist friendly.

Speaking at a rally in Niwai, 60 kms from , Priyanka said that the BJP policies are pro rich and benefits industrialists.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes on foreign trips and strikes deals for his “industrialist friends”. He comes back from abroad and says our (India's) respect has gone up. Later, we get to know that he made deals for his industrialist friends. For everything, he keeps the interests of his industrialist friends above that of the public,” she said.

Priyanka also mentioned his brother's favourite talking point – Adani. She said when houses were damaged due to rain in Himachal Pradesh, the price of cement, needed to re-construct the structures, was increased by the Adani Group.

“The prices rates of apples were decreased when farmers went to sell those. She alleged that this happened at the behest of the prime minister to favour his friend Adani,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi praises the schemes of Gehlot government and said that the programmes and schemes of the state government is bringing relief to public. She said when people are reeling under inflation, the Rajasthan government organised relief camps.
“Why has this situation arisen in the country that the state government had to organise inflation relief camps? Why is fuel so expensive when the companies are earning profits? You will have to raise these questions,” she said.
Priyanka said that BJP will stop all beneficial schemes run by the Congress government if it comes to power.
“BJP works for rich. If they come to power, all these schemes in public interest will be stopped. Even then if you don't vote for Congress, you will be damaging your prospects,” she said.

She called upon people to choose leader who believe in serving for people's cause.

“There are two types of leaders. One serves for people and the other kind nurse arrogance and haughtiness. You should choose a leader who has respect for people. Who reduces your problems. You should choose Congress government once again. I hope you will keep that in mind,” she appealed to the people attending the rally.

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