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I will not bow down to anyone – Bangladesh PM Shaikh Hasina

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“I will not bow down to anyone,” stated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 1 in Dhaka. She emphasised her commitment to integrity and refused to shelter corrupt individuals.
Sheikh Hasina also highlighted that during the tenure of the BNP, the country had been labeled the world champion in five times. She made these remarks during a gathering of students at Sohrawadi Udyan in Dhaka. This significant student rally, held on the same ground where troops surrendered to the Indo-Bangladesh joint command on December 16, 1971, was attended by a large crowd.

With Bangladesh's national elections approaching in January next year, tensions are rising. Opposition parties like the BNP and Jamaat have been demanding Sheikh Hasina's resignation, staging regular protests. In response, the ruling Awami League and its student wing, the Bangladesh Chhatra League, have been demonstrating their support. On September 1, despite heavy rain in Dhaka, around 500,000 students from across the country attended a Bangladesh Chhatra League rally where they listened to Sheikh Hasina's speech.

Saddam Hossain, the president of the meeting, expressed their confidence in Sheikh Hasina's leadership and the desire to build a non-communal Bangladesh. The rally, organized in memory of Father of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his wife Begum Fazilatun Nesa Mujib, featured Sheikh Hasina as the keynote speaker. The city of Dhaka was abuzz with processions chanting the slogan “Once again Sheikh Hasina” before her arrival on stage.

Sheikh Hasina, a former Chhatra League activist herself, praised the organisation for its unwavering commitment and courage throughout the nation's transitional periods. She also made references to the attempt on her life on August 21 and criticized the BNP for its history of military rule. Sheikh Hasina indirectly addressed Dr. Yunus, implying that she would not tolerate anyone breaking the law to maintain their position. She reiterated her determination to remain in power without bowing to unfair demands, emphasizing her identity as Bangabandhu's daughter.
The writer is based in Dhaka

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