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In a who blinks first, Pilot softens his stand for larger interest, aligns with ‘elderly’ and ‘more experienced’ Gehlot for a repeat of government

By B S Reporter

Sachin Pilot didn't wait for high command to decide his role in the upcoming elections. He volunteered to work along with minister Ashok Gehlot for a repeat of government in the . Barely 48 hours after the crucial Congress meeting, Sachin announced to fight the upcoming elections in a collective leadership along with Ashok Gehlot. He said that he has buried the hatchet with chief minister Ashok Gehlot on the advice of party president , saying collective leadership was the “only way” forward going into the polls. “Khargeji said “forgive and forget” and move forward. it was as much an advice as a directive,” Pilot said.

Hinting at settling all the differences with Gehlot before the crucial elections, Pilot said that public and party was more important than any individual.

“Ashok Gehlot ji is older than me, he has more experience. He has heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. When I was the Rajasthan Congress president, I tried to take everyone along. I think that today he is the Chief Minister (Gehlot), so he is trying to take everyone along. ”“If there is a little back and forth, then it is not a big issue because the party and the public are more important than any individual. I also understand this and he also understands it,” he said. This unexpected move of Pilot has stunned political observers who were expecting some drama before the onset of assembly polls. People were expecting Pilot to stay firm till he (bargains) ‘something substantial' with the high command.

“Pilot is an intelligent political. He knows Gehlot can't be changed now. And he is left with little options. By softening his stand. He has hinted that he is prepared to play the wait and watch game. He is still hoping for a miracle if Congress is able to change the 25-year trend of revolving door,” said Banne Singh Shekhawat, a political analyst.

Some insiders in the party say that Pilot has ‘widened' his heart to help in getting his supporting MLAs accommodated during ticket distribution.

“No doubt about it that Sachin Pilot is popular. He can win on any seat with or without Congress ticket. But as a leader he need to safeguard interest of his camp of MLAs also, whose political career can be in jeopardy if they are denied the ticket. So he has kind of compromised his stand for a larger interest,” said a party insider.

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