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Is CM succession plan ready in MP? No Shivraj in first two lists, 3 union ministers among 7 MPs in fray

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In the lead-up to the Madhya Pradesh Assembly , the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made significant moves that have both surprised and intrigued political observers. One of the most noteworthy aspects of their strategy is the absence of incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's name from the lists released so far. Traditionally, the name of the incumbent CM or CM hopeful features prominently in the party's first candidate list, serving as a message to both voters and party workers. However, the BJP seems to have taken a different route to settle the succession plan of CM post this time.

The release of the second list of 39 candidates has unveiled a lineup of political heavyweights, including three Union Ministers, four Members of Parliament, and one General Secretary. This signals the BJP's intent to leave no stone unturned in its quest to retain power in the state.

What's there in store for Shivraj?

What's particularly intriguing about the BJP's approach in Madhya Pradesh is the introduction of a caste-based customised Chief Minister formula. Under this formula, the party is seeking to cater to the aspirations of three major caste segments – the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Dalits, and the General category. Each of these groups has been presented with a potential CM candidate from their own within the BJP's ranks.

For the General category, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar emerges as a strong contender. His track record and experience make him a vote-worthy candidate in this category. Meanwhile, for the OBCs, Union Minister of State Prahlad Patel represents a formidable choice, and for the Dalits, is seen as a viable candidate.

This caste-based strategy is a calculated move by the BJP to consolidate its base across different caste groups, a key factor in the electoral landscape of Madhya Pradesh. By presenting candidates from various caste backgrounds, the party aims to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters and enhance its chances of securing victory.

The BJP's decision not to reveal Shivraj Singh Chouhan's name in the candidate lists so far suggests a carefully thought-out strategy. It keeps the suspense alive and allows the party to gauge public sentiment and local dynamics before making a final decision on its CM candidate. This approach underscores the party's adaptability and readiness to respond to changing political landscapes.

The release of the candidate lists, featuring heavyweights like Narendra Singh Tomar, Prahlad Patel, Kailash Vijayvargiya, and several MPs, demonstrates the BJP's seriousness in the Madhya Pradesh elections. The party is leaving nothing to chance, and it's evident that the battle for Madhya Pradesh will be fiercely contested.

As the election campaign unfolds, the BJP's caste-based CM formula will be put to the test. It remains to be seen how well this strategy resonates with the diverse electorate of Madhya Pradesh and whether it can propel the party to victory once again. In the end, it will be the voters who decide the fate of the BJP's unique electoral experiment in this crucial state.

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