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To err is human, to seek apology is Ashok Gehlot


To err is human and chief minister is also one. It's rare for CMs to commit mistakes but then it's rarest of rare for them to realise and then tender apology. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot is among ‘large hearted' chief ministers who didn't mind to say ‘Sorry' whenever he felt it.
In last one year, there had been at least four occasions when Gehlot sent his apology.

The recent being for appointing Col Kesari Singh Rathore as member of without checking his credentials. He made him the member with an impression that an ex- man, who had dedicated 22 years of his youth for serving the nation, will bring some discipline and transparency in the system of RPSC, who has been on ebb for quite some time. Gehlot felt vary bad when video clippings of Kesari Singh Rathore bullying few castes were brought into his notice. Amid widespread protest against Kesari's appointment, Gehlot publicly admitted that he had done a mistake and apologise for it. Though he didn't apologise for making Babu Lal Katara as member of RPSC. Katara is in custody of Enforcement Directorate over charges of paper leak and money laundering.

Merely two weeks back Ashok Gehlot tendered an “unconditional apology” for his remarks where he had alleged corruption in the judiciary.
On August 30, Gehlot had alleged that there was rampant corruption in the judiciary and that he had heard that some lawyers write judgments which are then pronounced. Following his statement, Shiv Charan Gupta had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) with a plea that the Court takes suo motu cognisance of contempt of court. A Bench of Justices Manindra Mohan Shrivastava and Ashutosh Kumar had issued notices to Gehlot.

As far as the third occasion is concerned, Gehlot had to say Sorry before the assembly. What had happened was while presenting the last budget of this , Gehlot erroneously read out excerpts from the previous budget, on urban employment and krishi budget, instead of Budget 2023-24. After reading out for eight minutes, Gehlot realised his mistake and apologise without thinking too much.

It all started on September 25 last year when Gehlot's loyalists convened meeting parallel to Congress Legislative Party ( CLP) meeting where a one liner resolution was to be passed for selection of CM in place of Gehlot, who was nominated for contesting by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for national president role. After that unfortunate incident Gehlot met and tendered his apology.

“This is a live example for youngsters who keeping on committing mistakes but never dare to feel sorry. Gehlot is from a rare breed of politician who is concerned about image and messages being carried by actions,” said Raghuveer Singh, a tour operator.

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