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NIA records impressive conviction rate at 94.7%

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NIA achieved an impressive overall conviction rate of 94.70%. As part of its year-end review, the National Investigation Agency reported a notable increase in its operations, resulting in the arrest of 625 individuals across various cases.

The intensified efforts by the NIA included the attachment of 240 assets, valued at approximately Rs 56 crores. Among these assets were 156 bank accounts. This comprehensive approach targeted terrorists, gangsters, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals working against national interests.

The NIA's operations saw a 28% rise in arrests compared to the previous year, with 65 individuals arrested in ISIS cases, 114 in jihadi terror cases, 45 in human trafficking cases, 28 in terrorist and organized criminal activities, and 76 in Left-Wing Extremism-related cases.

In 2023, the NIA registered 68 cases, covering various aspects of criminal activity. These included 18 cases related to jihadi terror across multiple states, 3 related to Jammu and Kashmir, 12 related to Left-Wing Extremism, 7 involving terrorist and organized crimes in , 5 concerning the northeast region, and 2 related to fake Indian currency notes.

The agency also reported the chargesheeting and conviction of 513 and 74 individuals, respectively, in NIA cases. Notably, 47 were tracked down and arrested during the year, an increase of 14 from the previous year. Operations also included arrests made upon deportation and extradition.

In addition, the NIA designated six individuals as ‘individual terrorists' during 2023. Four terrorist organizations, namely The Resistance Force (TRF), People's Anti-Fascists Front (PAFF), Jammu & Kashmir Ghaznavi Force (JKGF), and Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF), were banned based on NIA recommendations.

The agency's efforts were reflected in the significant increase in searches and raids, rising from 957 in 2022 to 1040 in 2023. The anti- operation across the country revealed and exposed ISIS modules, culminating in the arrest of 15 individuals during raids in Maharashtra and in December. Throughout the year, the NIA dismantled major terrorist networks, making significant strides in its to safeguard national security.

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