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No change in excise policy, shops to continue till March 2025

Rajasthan government has not changed the excise policy. The number shops will remain intact next fiscal with 10% hike in licence fee

The licenses of existing liquor shops will be renewed till March 31, 2025 as there is no change of provisions in the new excise policy. There will be no fresh application and no lottery for the next financial year. However, lottery will be undertaken for those license holders who don't wish to continue. 

The number of shops will also remain same. However there will be hike of 10% in the annual guarantee money. 

The timing of liquor shops will also remain the same -10am to 8pm. The number of composite shops in the is 7,665. These shops sell both English and country liquor together.

No fixed monthly target in excise policy

As per the new excise policy, there has been relaxation in monthly sales target. There would be flexibility in monthly inventory. If there would be more pick up in a month, the license holder would be allowed to adjust the sales in following months. Moreover the license holders will be allowed to transfer inventory to fulfill their guaranteed sales. Every liquor shop will be allowed to have two godowns. 

Drop in license fee of hotel bar in Jaisalmer and Kumbhalgarh

There will be reduction in license fee in hotel bar in places of tourism importance specially in Jaisalmer and Kumbhalgarh. 

Apart from that, liquor factories, which could not renew licenses, will have to pay 25% of the license fee instead of full fee for next year. The government will also give permit to micro winery. 

The license will be issued at district level through online system. Retailer will have to place their demand online and they will get the supply directly from the factory. 

The government has also made strict provisions to prevent bootlegging and illegal liquor . It will form a joint team with to prevent inter state  smuggling of liquor. In bordering districts, a monitoring team of police, excise and offices will be formed in the chairmanship of divisional commissioner who will monitor the movement of illegal liquor. 

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