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No Smart work: A DTP of Ajmer Smart City forced to mark her attendance on wall after bringing stay on her APO order


Ever heard of a government officer marking attendance on wall of the office? Just visit smart city office of Ajmer. You will find a wall near the room of accounts officer. Outside that room, on the wall, you will find a vertical row of signatures with date. That is the attendance of Deputy Town Planner Meenakshi Verma, who comes to office, mark her attendance on wall and go back without doing any work.

“Verma was put on awaiting posting order (APO) and was asked to report to headquarter. But she challenged the APO order before Rajasthan Civil Services Appellate Tribunal (RCSAT) and got a stay on the order. Since then she has not been assigned any place sit or any job. She doesn't have access to attendance register even,” said an official.

Why Verma was put on APO

Officials say that the smart city was challenged by public before National Green Tribunal raising environmental concerns. The smart city management presented a wrong reply to notice on the basis of facts given by DTP Meenakshi Verma. She was put on APO for presenting wrong facts.

What Meenakshi has to say?

Meenakshi Verma, who was awarded as best performer on January 21, 2022, said that she was wrongly put on APO. She challenged the order before (RCSAT) and got the stay. She gave her joining to smart city on August 18.

“For three-four days I was given register to mark my attendance. Later on, they never allowed me to sign. I am forced to mark it on walls,” she said.

What the Smart City Management says?

The of Ajmer Smart City and secretary Local Self Governance, IAS Kailash Chand Meena said that he has no information about this.

“Let me check and get the detail of this,” he said.

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