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Nothing ‘Red’ so far in Lal Diary, ‘Trailor’ of the suspense movie fails to evoke response | The Buck Stopper

By B S Reporter

Sacked minister and rebel Rajendra Gudha is suspecting his arrest any time now. In a press conference he confided before that the government is doing every bit, opening case files to arrest him. Uncovering the Lal Diary, Gudha released three pages with a promise to uncover the secret of the diary regularly. With this ‘frail' release, the suspense which had built around the Lal Diary busted like a bubble.

“I will regularly disclose facts of this Lal Diary. Even if they send me to jail, my confidante will share pages of this diary with you,” Gudha told reporters.

Is there anything stinging in Lal Diary?

The pages Gudha shared with media had nothing objectionable. There is no mention of amount of money. There is nothing incriminating in the released pages. There are only names related to Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) elections. , son of Ashok Gehlot is also there in the alleged Dharmendra Rathore's diary, which is now said to be in possession of Gudha. The diary also has names of Bhawani Samotam, RCA secretary and close confidante of speaker C P Joshi, who was president of RCA before Vaibhav Gehlot took over. The diary also has mention of Officer on Special Duty to CM Devaram Saini and Private Secretary Sobhag Mal Varma. But there is no indication of any illegal money or cash involved in RCA . There is mention of Hisab Kitab (accounting) which happens in any election.

Handwriting is of Rathore?

Gudha claimed that the writing in the diary is that of Dharmendra Rathore. This fact is hard to prove especially when Gehlot government is in power. The handwriting can be confirmed only through Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) test. People who understands politics can easily make out how fast the FSL test report can come in this case? The case will fall flat if the handwriting is not confirmed.

Who is Dharmendra Rathore?

Dharmendra Rathore is a Congress leader and close confidante of Ashok Gehlot. He is the chairman of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. Rathore is considered the most effective trouble shooter of Gehlot and he was said to be instrumental in keeping the Congress MLAs in huddle during the crisis when Sachin Pilot and some Congress MLAs had protested against their own government.

It is said that Rathore was entrusted to manage and win back the trust of MLAs. It is said that he was managing the entire expenses borne towards boarding and lodging of MLAs. A former employees union leader was also one among the trio – Mahesh Joshi, Shanti Dhariwal and Rathore – who allegedly encouraged Congress MLAs to boycott the infamous Congress Legislative Party meeting in September last year.

Where did Gudha get the diary?

Since his active involvement in saving Gehlot's government, Income Tax had conducted a raid at his home and other places. Gudha claims that he dodged 150 CRPF personnel to sneak past into his home and picked the Lal Diary at the behest of chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

“Gehlot feared that had the diary gets in possession of IT department then he (CM) would have been in jail,” Gudha claims.

What Next?

Since nothing substantial has come out in the ‘trailor', the state government would not be worried much about the movie which Gudha is threatening to show. Political analysts believe that Gudha is left with very little choice. He is trying to sensationalise his exit from the party to get sympathy from his voters. If the government sends him to jail, he will get sympathy. After ruining his equations from Gehlot over last few months, Gudha knows that Gehlot will not accommodate him this time. So he is trying to play around anti Gehlot camps – be it Sachin Pilot or the .

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