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Randhawa hits out at dynastic politics in Congress, advocates the spirit of One from a family

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The BJP keeps targeting Congress for dynastic politics. Now Congress own general secretary and incharge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa fired salvo against the dynastic politics being practiced in the party.

“Father is minister… son is district incharge… of every post and goes to big leader's family, where will party worker go,” Randhawa said while addressing Youth Congress meeting.

He said that if leaders keep on promoting their kith and kin, how will frontline party worker grow, how will party get strengthened, where will common party workers go, even they have the right to progress.

Randhawa advocated the theory for one post or ticket from a family when a large number of leaders in the party are lobbying to promote their kins. These include ministers – Shanti Dhariwal, Govind Meghwal and Zahida Khan, MLAs – Mahadev Singh Khandela, Joginder Awana, Girraj Singj Malinga and Ruparam Dhandev among others.

“My father was a senior Congress leader and a minister in but never gave any post to his family members. In 1997, I was given a ticket and he took a back seat,” Randhawa said.

One from a family — this should be the spirit. Then only the Congress will be strengthened and the party workers will get encouragement,” he said, adding that he has assured the party workers that he will fight against dynastic politics.

“The decision of giving ticket to sons and daughters of senior Congress leaders will be based on the survey report,” Randhawa said.

At the meeting, he assured the Youth Congress leaders that they will get priority in elections. As was the scenario earlier, a percentage of poll tickets will be kept for the Youth Congress and distributed among the deserving candidates.

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