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Resignation of MP deputy collector Nisha Bangre gets accepted, joins Congress, will not contest election

Former deputy collector of Madhya Pradesh Nisha Bangre , on Thursday, joined Congress after getting her approved from the state government.

However, she will not still be able to contest election from Amla seat in Betul district. The Congress wanted to field Bangre on that seat but delay in acceptance of her resignation forced party to field last time candidate local businessman Manoj Malve who had lost the election.

Madhya Pradesh Congress state chief Nath, joined her in Congress in a rally at Chhindwada. He categorically said that Nisha Bangre will not be able to contest the election as the party is in no mood to change the candidate.

“You become a role model. You are not contesting election, no problems. Your services are needed by the state, Kamal Nath announced while introducing her in the rally.

However, Bangre still has hopes. She said that she is yet to decide on contesting elections.

“It's my heartiest wish to contest from Amla constituency and serve its people. I request you all to make efforts and I hope in next two-three days, some magic will happen and ticket may be allotted to me after review,” she said.

She called on Kamal Nath to review the ticket for Amla and hoped to allot her ticket after discussion with local people.

How Nisha Bangre got her resignation accepted ?

It was a long drawn battle. Nisha Bangre has tendered her resignation in June 22, 2023 when she was denied a leave to participates in a Buddha Pooja.

Later the government served her show cause notice for not informing the government and taking suo moto leave. She straight away resigned. But the government didn't accept her resignation playing ping pong ball with her application.

Bangre struggled hard, did foot march to Bhopal from Amla, went to and then moved and Supreme Cour for intervention.

The Supreme Court asked High Court to look into the matter at the earliest and then High Court directed the state to immediately take up the issue of resignation.

As per the direction of High Court, the state government relieved her. But then it proved too farther too closer as the Congress, which had kept the seat on hold, decided to give ticket to Manoj Malve a day before acceptance of her resignation. Bangre felt being ignored.

Congress state chief Kamal Nath has announced that there will be no change in candidate from Amla. However, he claimed that the interest of Bangre will be taken care of.

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