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PM’s quest for women poll quota finds no place for this deputy collector in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh


When Narendra Modi and BJP was busy passing women reservation Bill in parliament, 500 kms from the parliament, a deputy collector in BJP ruled was struggling to get her resignation accepted in bid to contest the assembly elections.

Nisha Bangre, a public services officer, who is from scheduled caste, has been fighting tooth to nail to get her resignation accepted since June this year.

Banger has moved High Court seeking early acceptance of her resignation. While hearing the case on Thursday, Madhya Pradesh High Court (Jabalpur) has directed the state to decide on chargesheet and resignation in one week. The next hearing on this matter has been scheduled for the next week.
The advocate of Bangre and senior Congress leader Vivek Tankha said that if the state government doesn't decide in next two days then they will approach election commission complaining that the secretary has become political.
“I want to tell chief secretary that Mr. chief Secretary you are in trouble,” Tankha said.

Bangre had sought permission from government to attend a Buddhist event in her hometown Amla of Betul district, and an all-religion prayer for the inauguration of her new home. The government denied her the permission, after that she resigned and participated in the function.

Bangre has been fighting for acceptance of her resignation and even took to streets and launched ‘Nyay Yatra' on foot from Betul to CM residence in Bhopal. But she was arrested along with her supporters before she could reach the CM residence.

Bangre alleged that the denial of permission and non-acceptance of resignation has been done at the behest of current Amla MLA, the BJP's Yogesh Pandagre.
“He doesn't' want me to contest elections. That's why he is using his influence to stop me from getting relieved form the government job,” she said.

Earlier, the High Court had asked Madhya Pradesh government to decide on the resignation of Bangre. The government in its reply had said that an enquiry is pending against Bangre regarding her participation in Budhhist event without seeking permission.

Bangre on the other hand said that the enquiry was initiated after she had resigned just to harass her.
“I have complete trust in judiciary. If I don't get favourable decision in High Court, I will move Supreme Court,” Bangre said.

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