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Transfer-posting: misguided missiles in Good Governance arsenal

Posting-reposting and transfer-retransfer are plaguing the intent of good governance in Rajasthan

The good governance model in Rajasthan is working well. Senior IAS officers, officers and even staff are coming to office in time. The chief secretary Sudhansh Pant has won the half battle by ensuring and inculcating discipline and punctuality among staff. 

However, the transfers and postings of senior officers have put question mark on the assessment and planning of the government. There are many offices including IAS officers who have been transferred four- times in a short span of 60 days. The transfers in this government basically started in January month with December being the silent period for the government. 

On Sunday also, transfer list of three IAS came out. In the list, there was reposting of two officers who were transferred this month only. 

Ghanendra Bhan Chaturvedi who was transferred to Sikar as divisional commissioner on March 2, 2024, was again transferred as director, social justice and empowerment even before joining. Similarly, Abhishek Khanna, who was transferred to as the first commissioner of Kota Development Authority, has been sent to as ceo district council, a day after. 

Mahendra Soni, who was transferred to Ajmer as member revenue board, has been retained as additional director general HCM RIPA. 

“This doesn't give good signal to public as well as officers. It is reflecting bad on top management on the government. Transfer list should be released after much deliberation. Cancellation and modifications in transfer order just put a question mark on the authority of power that be,” said a senior IAS officer, who has been transferred twice in this new government.

On Sunday, transfer order of two RAS officers Rajesh Goyal and Ram Chandra was cancelled. While there are sentiments widespread that the chief secretary Sudhansh Pant is leading government and he doesn't listen to even ministers and MLAs regarding transfers and postings then the question comes, who is influencing the transfer and postings after orders are out.

”Sudhansh Pant has an image of strict, clean and upright officer. While he is trying to put the governance back on track, the mismanagement of transfer and posting will definitely bother him,” said another senior IAS officer, who has worked closely with Pant.

Vivek Shukla
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