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Sustainable farming: Punjab government allocates Rs 19.83 crore

Sustainable farming is need of hour. Punjab agriculture minister Gurmeet Singh Khudian said government is committed to encourage water-saving techniques

farming and water-saving agricultural practices are being widely implemented in Punjab. The Bhagwant Singh Mann government has disbursed a total of Rs 19.83 crore to farmers engaged in Direct Sowing of Paddy (DSR) across the state. This financial support has been directly deposited into the bank accounts of 17,007 farmers who actively participated in DSR during the 2023 season, marking a crucial step toward promoting eco-friendly farming.

Gurmeet Singh Khudian, focusing on the agricultural year 2023-24, revealed that 19,114 farmers in Punjab are poised to benefit from DSR, encompassing a substantial area of 1,33,745.67 acres. This initiative underscores the government's commitment to encouraging responsible water usage and underscores the significance of adopting DSR practices to preserve crucial underground water resources.

Sustainable farming: Punjab government allocates Rs 19.83 crore

Sustainable farming need of the hour

To incentivise farmers, the state government previously announced a financial boost of Rs 1500 per acre for those embracing direct sowing of paddy during the fiscal year 2023-24. Minister Khudian emphasised the successful execution of this incentive program, with 98.8 percent of the allocated funds efficiently distributed directly into the bank accounts of eligible farmers.

The proactive approach of chief minister 's administration is evident in its rigorous validation and facilitation processes. District officials have meticulously verified the participation of 18,931 farmers and the corresponding area under DSR, ensuring a streamlined and efficient distribution of the allocated funds. Minister Khudian reassured the public that the remaining funds will be promptly transferred, underscoring the government's unwavering dedication to supporting farmers who embrace environmentally friendly and resource-efficient agricultural practices. This substantial financial injection aims to fortify Punjab's agricultural landscape, fostering a resilient and sustainable farming .

Over the years, Punjab has been increasing acreages of paddy, which is water guzzling, bringing the water table down. There has been voice for raising the area of coarse grains in the state.

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