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Two young IAS out to hard sell natural beauty of Pratapgarh

Two IAS, both medicos- Inderjeet Yadav and Anjali Rajoria are on their way to hard sell tribal Pratapgarh They made a beautiful short promotional fim to promote scenic beauty and natural surroundings

Two young IAS officers – Inderjeet Yadav and – took up the cudgel to transform a sleepy tribal district – Pratapgarh- to a hot tourist destination. The natural scenic beauty of Pratapgarh is completely unexplored. The folklore, the virgin and the bustling river – never found in any of the tourists' catalogue of Rajasthan.
When Inderjeet Yadav took over as district magistrate in November 2022, he got in awe of natural beauty of Pratapgarh, colourful heritage, simple and innocent people. But it was not on the tourism map of Rajasthan.

Yadav, a 2015 batch IAS officer decide to promote Pratapgarh as tourism wonder through promotional film which can capture all the aspects of this tribal unexplored nature-rich area.

He used district innovation fund to develop a promotional movie wherein a group of friends living in a metro decided to visit an unassuming tourist spot, which happens to be native place of one of the friends.

But before the movie could release Yadav was transferred to adjoining Banswara as district in this month.

Just then another IAS his batchmate Anjali Rajoria came in picture. She took the baton from Yadav as district magistrate of Pratapgarh and so the responsibility of completing the movie. Apart from being batchmate, both are trained medicos, who believe in precision.
Rajoria launched the movie and dedicated it to the people of unsuspecting people Pratapgarh on – the day on which Pratapgarh district was created.

“We have given this movie to the tourism department. Now the tourism department will also promote this short film. We expect to get good tourist footfalls at our place,” said Anjali Rajoria.

The movie is well made and has a scintillating appeal. The aim of making this movie is to make tourism a mainstay of Pratapgarh economy.

“Nowadays youngsters look beyond forts, palaces and star hotels. They want adventure. They want to go close to nature. Here Pratapgarh fits the bill. We are sure that this movie will have a great magnetic effect,” Rajoria said.

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