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Modi is committed to farmers welfare: Anurag Thakur

All the guarantees of Congress failed, the country trusts Modi's guarantee only: Anurag Thakur

Union for Information and Broadcasting and Youth and Sports Affairs, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, reiterated the Modi government's unwavering dedication to farmers' welfare and its proactive engagement in addressing their concerns. He was briefing media about the situation of Framers Protest 2.0.

On the ongoing dialogue with protesting farmers, Minister Anurag Thakur emphasised the government's continual readiness for discussion, asserting, “The government is always ready for discussion.” He further elaborated on recent attempts at dialogue, highlighting ministerial engagement in Chandigarh and the government's persistence in seeking resolution through conversation.

Addressing the complexity of the issues raised by protesters, Minister Thakur underscored the need for comprehensive dialogue, stating, “The protesters should understand that by continuously adding new issues to the discussion, they cannot be resolved immediately.” He emphasized the government's proposal to establish a committee for detailed deliberation on pertinent agricultural matters.

Drawing a sharp contrast between the Modi government's initiatives and past UPA rule for 10 years, Minister Thakur dismissed posturing. He stated, “Some people want to make political gains on this issue.” He highlighted the substantial increase in agricultural budgetary allocations, the introduction of schemes like Kisan Samman Nidhi, and significant enhancements in MSP and agricultural purchases under the Modi government. He pointed to the implementation of the Swaminathan Committee report, a longstanding demand unmet during previous led governments.

Minister Thakur stressed upon the indispensable role of dialogue in conflict resolution, invoking 's principles and citing recent diplomatic successes under Prime Minister Modi's leadership. Thakur said, “The solution to any issue comes only through discussion. In Gandhi's country, ways are found through talks only. You can take the example of recent Qatar where Modi ji took the leadership and through talks, our eight former navy soldiers were brought back home safely.”

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