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Felix Hospital Organizes Walkathon On World Heart Day

By BS Reporter

Felix in Noida organized a walkathon on World Heart Day to raise awareness about heart health. Hundreds of locals participated in the , which commenced at 6 AM. Dr. D.K. Gupta, Chairman of Felix Hospital, inaugurated the walkathon and emphasized the critical need for awareness regarding heart health, especially due to the rising cases of heart attacks among individuals aged 30 to 40.

Dr. Gupta highlighted the necessity of educating society about maintaining a healthy heart on the occasion of World Heart Day. He pointed out the increase in heart attack cases over the past two years, particularly among individuals aged 30 to 50, following the pandemic. Dr. Gupta stressed the importance of young individuals undergoing heart check-ups before starting intense physical activities, such as going to the gym.

Since COVID-19, changes in HS-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) levels have been observed in most patients, considered a significant contributor to heart attacks. Major causes of heart attacks include smoking, an unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating habits, consumption of junk and excessively spicy .

Symptoms of heart problems, such as high blood pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, burning sensations, dizziness, and abdominal or chest pain, are often overlooked by individuals. Ignoring these symptoms leads to heart weakening, reduced pumping , and sudden heart attacks during intense physical activities.

The obsession of young individuals with building a muscular body through intense workouts and following keto diets contributes to the increase in heart attack cases. Intensive workouts and weight lifting cause thickening of heart muscles and have negative effects on the body.

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