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Gehlot’s ‘poll’ vault – DBT for pensioners, smartphones for women, Act for social security and job guarantee, Congress banks on ‘welfare’ to defy ‘farewell’ in elections

By B S Reporter

In a vital initiative to alleviate the financial burden faced by the needy and elderly population, chief Ashok Gehlot transferred Rs 1,005 crore 41 28 thousand 750 to the bank accounts of 51.21 lakh pensioners in the state. The move comes as a relief to the pensioners who have received an increased pension amount (Rs. 1000/month) for May-June, facilitated through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Gehlot emphasized the government's unwavering commitment to ensuring minimum income and social security for the common man. He said that the Government of Rajasthan remains committed to its vision of providing social security and economic relief to its citizens, ensuring a dignified life for all.

Act to cover social security and job guarantee

Gehlot announced plans to introduce an Act regarding social security pension and employment guarantee in the upcoming session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. This Act will include a provision for a yearly 15 percent increase in the minimum pension amount per month. Furthermore, Rajasthan is set to guarantee a minimum of 125 days of employment under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Urge for uniform social security law in the country

Highlighting the significance of social security pension, Gehlot affirmed its pivotal role in the Rajasthan government's comprehensive social security model. He reiterated the government's commitment to provide social and economic support, considering pension as a matter of dignity for the pensioners.

Gehlot commended Manmohan Singh's government efforts in guaranteeing food security, information, employment, and education. He urged Modi government to implement a uniform social security law throughout the country for the benefit of the needy.

Smartphones to 40 lakh women this month

In a further step to enhance public welfare, Gehlot announced the distribution of smartphones to 40 lakh women, equipped with internet facilities for three years, starting this month. This measure aims to directly connect the women with various public welfare schemes. Additionally, the 's Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme, entailing the distribution of ration packets, will commence shortly. These initiatives, coupled with all-round development in fields such as medical, education, and employment, will position Rajasthan as one of the leading states in the country by 2030.

Beneficiaries express gratitude

Expressing their gratitude, Smt Babli from Ajmer, Smt Kavita Joshi from Baran, Smt Pavitra Bhargava from Tonk, Shri Rakesh from Balotra, Smt Nirmala from Anupgarh, Smt Maheshi Bairwa from Gangapur City, Shri Surajmal Khatik from Jaipur and other beneficiaries from different districts lauded the Chief Minister for his tireless efforts in addressing their concerns. They praised the increased pension amounts, citing its positive impact on their lives. Additionally, the beneficiaries expressed their appreciation for the multitude of state government schemes that have uplifted various sections of society.

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