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Joshi’s resignation catches opposite camp off guard, more resignations under one person one post in the offing

By P K Gupta

The resignation of senior Congress leader and in Gehlot cabinet Dr from the post of Chief Whip has stirred the hornet's nest. Joshi, who relinquished one of his two responsibilities, has demanded for action against party leaders who are giving statements damaging to the party and opening questioning the leadership despite stern warning from high command against any loose talks.

Joshi's resignation was quintessential in the wake Congress's doctrine of one person one post. Joshi has been handling dual responsibilities of being the chief whip and PHED minister since almost two years.

While a faction in the party is celebrating his resignation as a punitive action for the incident which took place on 25th September 2022, the other camp is considering it just an eye wash as Joshi's relinquishment was imminent in view of Congress' declaration. On 25th September, Joshi along with cabinet minister Shanti Dhariwal and Congress leader Dharmendra Rathore allegedly convened the of legislative parallel to Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting.

The Congress incharge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa also looks confused on this development. While he claims it to be a punitive action, at the same time he terms it to be a fall out of Congress' rule of one post one person.

“If it's a punitive action then there has to be more resignations. UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal should also be on the firing line and so as Dharmendra Rathore. Dhariwal can easily volunteer as he holds two more posts – minister for parliamentary affairs and chairman of housing board. Rathore on the other hand holds only one post to sacrifice,” said a senior Congress leader.

Randhawa hints at more action in the offing for settling in unity in the party. He said that he ( Randhawa) will implement orders of highcommand.

“I was not there at the helm when that incident happened. I will carry out whatever is being asked to do,” he said.

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