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Law for no leak : Gehlot vows lifer for those spoiling lives of job aspirants, law likely in next session

By Ram Kumar Kaushik

Amid growing criticism by the rival faction of the party, chief minister Ashok Gehlot has taken a resolute stand against the menace of paper leaks. Gehlot takes to Twitter announcing that paper leak mafia will face life imprisonment under the his government is to table in the coming assembly session. He writes “In order to bring more transparency in competitive examinations in the , the Chief Secretary has been directed to prepare a better after discussing with RPSC, , RSSB and other stakeholders. Upcoming assembly to make provision of maximum punishment life imprisonment even in the law made against paper leak”.

The government's decision reverberated across the state, igniting a glimmer of hope in the hearts of countless who had suffered due to unfair practices. The announcement signalled a turning point in the battle for integrity and transparency in competitive examinations. Gehlot's tweet caught the attention of the public, resonating with students, parents, and educators who had long awaited a strong stance against the corrupt forces that had tainted the education system.

Organisation of unemployed youth expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister.

Upen Yadav, president of the Rajasthan Unemployed Integrated Federation, said that the unemployed were continuously demanding to bring a law for life imprisonment in the paper leak case. This demand was fulfilled today by the Chief Minister, for which we thank and thank Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot very much.

The gravity of the situation prompted the state government to take drastic measures. They resolved to introduce stringent laws during the upcoming assembly session to combat the paper leak mafia that had plagued the competitive exams for government employment and education system in for far too long. Playing from the front, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, determined to restore faith in the system and ensure equal opportunities for all aspiring students. He emphasized the need for increased transparency and accountability in competitive examinations across the state.

The proposed law aimed to tackle paper leaks in various institutions, including the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB), and Department of Personnel (DOP). The new legislation would enforce severe penalties for those involved in such nefarious activities. Chief Minister Gehlot made it clear that the maximum punishment for paper leak offenders would be life imprisonment.

The battle against the paper leak mafia is far from over, but the stringent laws enacted by the state government of Rajasthan will serve as a powerful deterrent. With transparency, integrity, and equal opportunities at the forefront, the state has begun to rebuild its education system, one step at a time.


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