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Q & A time: Gehlot asks 7 questions from Modi, PM tells voters to ask 2 from Congress candidates


The election campaign in is simply wrapped up in question paper. BJP is seeking answers from for question paper leak, corruption woman atrocities and deteriorating and order situation while Congress is asking questions from BJP on PM's promise of giving national status to Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project, Old Pension Scheme and health insurance among others.

Amid flurry of questions, no party is on mood to give answers. In this series, Ashok Gehlot asked voters to seek answers to seven questions from PM . At the same time Modi told voters not to give vote to any Congress and ask ask two questions to every Congress candidate.

“Both the parties do questionable things but none is answerable, accountable. They keep ridiculing each other but none gives pointed answers,” said Ranveer Singh Bhati, a social worker.

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot questioned the intention BJP government in centre and told people to ask seven questions from prime minister Modi.

  • When will PM provide Rs 25 lakh health insurance to every citizen the way Rajasthan has given?
  • When will be old pension scheme and implemented for every government employee?
  • When will he provide gas cylinder at Rs 500 to every household in the country?
  • When will Right to Social Security be implemented which provides uniform pension for every needy person ?
  • When will PM implement urban job guarantee scheme for urban poor?
  • When will he fulfil the promise to give national project status to ERCP and when will he release Rajasthan's part of Rs 76K crore which centre has held ?
  • When will PM discontinue Agniveer scheme and restart regular recruitment in Army?

The Prime Minister Modi rather than answering any of these questions, told people to pose two questions related to Lal Diary to every Congress candidate and ensure that none of them wins the .
What is this all about Lal Diary and who is the owner of this Lal Diary? He said that Congress used to deny the existence of this diary and now the diary is rolling out facts.

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