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Modi rakes up Lal Diary, pushes agenda against corruption to woo voters


Prime Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, attacked Congress over , come against women and deteriorating law and order situation in . Mentioning the Lal Diary, Modi said that the lal diary is doing round in the state exposing the corruption of the state government.“You have got the right to punish. Press the button on Lotus as if you are doing the execution of the government,” he said. He said that the lockers of government are oozing out gold.

“And the gold is not from potato. These lockers are filled with money looted from public,” he said. Modi said that the atrocities against women is at peak in Rajasthan but the minister kept on denying the fact. “A minister in the assembly call it a mardon ko pradesh when question is asked about increasing rape cases. He is even rewarded with ticket. No one is bothered. Here chief minister has been on the run entire five years saving his seat in NIEM the high command was after him to snatch it away. What do you expect in such situation,” he asked. Modi said that those who are involved in corruption will be booked and put in jail.

“The chief minister is cursing me for fighting against corruption. How much abuses he may hurl at me, punishment will be given. Those who have looted will have to return it back. They will have to go in jail. Their account will be settled and Modi will do this job,” he said.

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