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Ravindra Bhati being slammed anti national over social media

Independent candidate from Barmer Ravindra Singh Bhati has found himself in a new controversy. People are calling him anti national on social media

Independent candidate from Barmer Ravindra Singh Bhati has been caught in a. New controversy. People are levelling allegations of his being anti national across social media platforms. Though Bhati has not come in front to defend these allegations but his supporters have become active rubbishing these allegations.

Controversy on old picture of Ravindra Singh

Ravindra Singh Bhati has made the contest triangular with Congress candidate Ummedaram and BJP candidate and union state minister for agriculture Kailash Choudhary. Detractors of Ravindra Singh are making an old photograph viral in which he is seen with a controversial person – – during his foreign trip to London. Anand is said to be anti national and pro-Kashmir sympathiser.

Dibyesh Anand, a professor at the University of Westminster in London who has written about India's plan to incorporate Kashmir into the Hindu nation, stated: “While it has been fashionable to compare democratic India with authoritarian , the reality is that when it comes to occupying and governing territories and nations, that questioned relations with the continent, both countries adopted measures including the promise of autonomy, the reality of assimilation, the abolition of rights, the denial of self-determination and the absence of consensual rule.'

This is the hope that is dying in the world's largest as the security forces continue to kill unarmed protestors every day for the last two months in Indian controlled Kashmir. Till date, more than a hundred, mostly young men and children, have been killed by those who are supposed to be the protectors. Evidence of torture, gratuitous killings, and sheer brutal dehumanisation of ordinary people are in abundance and yet the Indian state responds by threatening action against those who reveal the evidence and against forums (such as , youtube) that allow these to be made public. There is no sense of humility, regret or introspection. No promise of impartial inquiry and strict punishment for the law-enforcers who kill and maim with impunity. Not even A of an apology.

Dibyesh Anand has a view in Kashmir which is anti national. He says, “Taking up guns is always an option. But for the last few years Kashmiris have remained steadfast in trying to keep their movement for self-determination confined to civil disobedience. With all the killings by the Indian security forces, Kashmiris have mostly refused to fall into the trap being set for them – to act violently so that they can be labelled insurgents and terrorists. Indian state seems to prefer the language of violence – the security mindset can fight violent insurgency and Islamic jihad. It feels frustrated when Kashmiris refuse to conform to the image of Islamic terrorists because India's of violence is exposed for the whole world to witness. And yet, the world remains mute.”

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